Behavioral, Black-Box, Surrogate, and Reduced-Order Modeling. Passive Macromodeling of Interconnects and Packages. Behavioral Modelling of High-Speed Devices, Model Order Reduction, Model-Based Optimization. Multivariate (Parameterized) Macromodeling.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning regressions for the development of deterministic and probabilistic behavioral models of complex parametric electronic systems. Support Vector Machine regression, Least-Squares Support Vector Machine regression and Gaussian Process regression.

Uncertainty Quantification

Stochastic methods for the variability analysis of electronic, microwave, and photonic circuits. Galerkin-based equivalent models for stochastic circuits. Perturbation methods for stochastic nonuniform transmission lines. Random electromagnetic field coupling to transmission lines. Sparse interpolation for high-dimensional uncertainty quantification. Compressed rational stochastic macromodels. Least-square methods for photonic circuits with correlated uncertain parameters.

Fields, Circuits, and EMC

Characterization, modeling and simulation of fields, circuits and their interaction. Electromagnetic Compatibility, Transmission lines and cables, radiation and numerical techniques. Applications to communication and transport systems.

Signal and Power Integrity

Signal and Power Integrity, Fast numerical simulation of circuits and systems, Modeling and simulation of high-speed channels for fast eye diagram estimation. Waveform Relaxation.

Modeling of Energy Networks

Advanced modeling of multi-energy networks, graph-based modeling, Power converters. gas networks, power distribution systems. Co-simulation for resilience, reliability and risk assessment

Advanced Analytical and Numerical Techniques

Non-conventional mathematical approaches based on Fractals, Wavelets and Time-Frequency transforms, applied to challenging EMC modeling and simulation tasks.

Education and Labs

Teaching activities in the field of EMC, modeling and simulation. Books and educational software. Hardware labs and testing.